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As this is the last day of May, I want to use words that belong to a Sufi poet from the 13TH century – Jalal Ad-Din Rumi. His words sum up what I tried to do in this passing month.
Thank you for watching my dance stories, I’ll probably post some more soon.

The human body.

Food for thought…

How shall I begin today?

A nuclear family.

I was born in a small Kibbutz in Israel, this is a glimpse into my childhood experience.

An improvisation about a sore neck. I postponed for tomorrow my “Kibbutz” dance story.

To my dear brother Amit.

A little late today, it’s the first time that I couldn’t post it before going to work at 8:15…
A much brighter day today. I meant to do something completely different, but this is what came out with today’s energies.

This is how I feel these days, trying to dive deep so I can see with clarity.